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Alfonsos Breakaway Glass Inc. Breakaway glass & ceramics (CA, USA)
Bloody Stuff Effects, Breakaway, Blood Effects, Weapons (UK)
Breakaway Effects Ltd Breakaway glass & ceramics (London, UK)
Breakaway FX Sugar glass & ceramics - very high quality (UK)

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Eathernware product that has been fired once but not yet glazed. It can easily be painted / decorated and can be used for plate / cup smashing scenes on stage as it breaks more easily / gently than a fully glazed product. However, breakaway cups or plates made from wax are the only really safe solution, as even biscuitware can have sharp edges.
For a long-running show, or for a more controllable effect, consider using a glazed plate / cup and pre-smashing it, then using filler or glue to 'fix' it so it holds together. It will break far more easily, so minimum effort will be required.
Any breakaway or pre-smashed item will need a sound effect 'smash' to make it fully believable.
Ensure that use of any ceramics / crockery on stage is fully risk-assessed.

Prop or item of furniture designed to break/shatter with impact. Breakaway furniture and some props are usually capable of restoration to be 'broken' again.
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Transparent glass-like product which has been formed into either panes or bottles / glasses. Sugar Glass is made from sugar, water and glucose or corn syrup, and is heated until it forms a mouldable material which goes hard on cooling. 
It breaks in a safer way than real glass, and is far less dangerous to those nearby. 



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