USA – New York – Carnegie Hall

Dates: 1891 – present

From Lighting & Sound International, issue 19 (July 1987)
Carnegie Hall in New York recently reopened after undergoing a comprehensive refurbishment, the aim being to return the hall to its original 19th century condition without diminishing the acoustic quality. Almost every aspect of the Hall received attention during the seven month closure including the sound reinforcement system.
After three years experience with their original Turbosound installation, Carnegie Hall wanted to improve and expand the system’s capability. Bernard Branigan, facility manager, takes up the story. “Undertaking such a major refit meant that we really needed the best equipment possible to replace our existing installation. We were very happy with the sound quality that we had already achieved, so the only way to improve the system was to upgrade with new Turbosound enclosures.
Pete Erskine of Theatre Technology, was called in to provide the system:
a centre cluster of 3 Active Turbosound TMS-2’s (replacing the pair of passive models fitted previously),
and 2 TMS-1’s combined to cover the main floor area; the Parquet being served by a further 2 Active TMS 2’s.