UK – Stoke-On-Trent – Regent Theatre

Dates: 1929 – present



From ATG website

1929 – Opened as a Art Deco Super Cinema
1950 – Name changed to Gaumont
1960s – Used for touring pop concerts and musicals / comedy productions. 
1974 – Converted to a triple screen multiplex
1976 – Name changed to Odeon Film Centre
1989 – Closed, following the opening of a 6 screen Odeon at the Festival Park
1999 – Reopened following a £23 million redevelopment of the city centre, named The Regent Theatre. 
1999 October – Officially opened by Her Majesty the Queen.

Exhibits from this venue in the Backstage Heritage Collection

  • Bracket Handle (1928)
  • Links to information about equipment at Regent Theatre, Stoke on Trent over the years

  • Bracket Handle (Strand)



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