UK – Glasgow – O2 ABC

Dates: 1875 – 2018

1875 – The Diorama
Featuring canvases of historic events

1878 – The Panorama
Added ‘animation’ by making the canvases scroll from side to side.

1885 – Hubners Ice Skating Palace

1888 – The building became one of the first in Glasgow to have electricity

1896 – The first public building in Glasgow to show motion pictures

?date – Hippodrome 
1904 – 1927 Home of Hengler’s Circus, featuring a circus ring with water tank underneath. Films were still shown in the off season. 

1927 – Waldorf Palais Dance Hall
The ground floor became a car park, with the dance hall on the floor above. 

1929 – ABC Cinema “The Regal”
Architect Charles Macnair

Severely damaged in the fire of 15 June 2018, which started in the adjacent Glasgow School of Art. 

Plans submitted to demolish the venue


Scottish Cinema History