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Dates: 1867 – present

Formerly known as the Colston Hall (until 2020)

On Wednesday September 23 2020, the Colston Hall changed its name to Bristol Beacon.  

The Little Theatre

The Colston Hall was the home of the Little Theatre, announced in The Daily Mirror, December 20 1923:
The latest repertory theatre is situated at Bristol, and is called the Little Theatre. It is unique in so far as it is the first repertory theatre to start under direct civic encouragement. The performances are given at the Little Colston Hall, which is provided rent free by the corporation. The hall accommodates 500 people, and there are only two prices of admission. The producer, Mr Rupert Harvey, is well known in London through hiss association with the Old Vic. 

From the British Theatre Directory, 1978
Proscenium Stage, Raked 1 in 48; Pros opening 7.62m; Ht of Pros 3.35m; Depth of S/line 5.79m; Ht of Grid 5.49m – 5.79m; Hemp lines when used; Flying Bars 9.14m; W/widths P.S. 7.32m, O.P. 1.83m; Prompt Car P.S.
Switchboard: Strand S/R; 36 ways; FOH Spots: 16; 5 Dips; 1 Spot Bar
Sound Equip: 2 Revox Tape Decks; 4 B/Stage, 2 FOH; 8 channel control
House curtain operated from O.P. No practical Flying System. 

The Colston Hall / Bristol Beacon 

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