Germany – Hamburg – State Opera


From ‘Yesterdays Lights’ by Francis Reid
2nd November 1961:
AEG 240-way Thyratron board installed in 1956. Control desk in cabin off the stage right lighting tower. Two presets which can be quickly reset via each lever’s 4 adjustable levels memorised mechanically on adjustable cams. Master desk here and also duplicated in lighting box at the rear of the auditorium. Row masters corresponding to rows of circuits in the preset desks, plus fixed group masters for various stage and FOH groupings. Circuits can also be grouped into  further three groups by means of illuminated push buttons under each preset lever. For two of these groups there are crossfaders and it is by this means that most big cues are carried out. Control room also has a patch panel to allow transfer of batten circuits. Floats can be raised or lowered by remote buttons from this room. No 1 bridge in two levels: large lamps on top level and low voltage (used a great deal for follow) on lower level. These low voltage have a small potentiometer fitted to the rear of each lamp for fading by the operator. Towers have soft edge spots next to stage and 500W ellipsoidals offstage. Side galleries in abundance. There are 5 FOH bridges in the auditorium ceiling and full height side slots each side of the pit. 80 FOH are mixed 5kW and 2kW simple plano-convex focus spots. Flying system is hydraulic. 




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