Czech Republic – Český Krumlov

Castle Theatre
Dates: 1680 – present

Incredible Baroque Theatre at the Castle. Built in 1680-82 under Prince Johann Christian I von Eggenberg and renovated with up-to-date stage equipment under Josef Adam zu Schwarzenberg from 1765–66. It is one of few such court theaters to retain its original stage machinery, scenery and props. Due to its age, the theater is only used three times a year (only twice open to the public), when a Baroque opera is performed in simulated candlelight. 

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Revolving Theatre
Dates: 1958 – present

Revolving auditorium and control room

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Seating capacity: 644 spectators
Total weight of construction: 650 tons,
Base diameter: 21.3 m.
Elevation: 7.6 m
Driven by 4 electric motors with the power of 15 KW (1460 revolutions/min).
Number of wheels carrying the revolving auditorium: 120
Since 1958 more than 1 700 000 spectators visited 2810 performances.




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