Australia – Sydney – Opera House

Dates: Opened 20 October 1973 – present

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The Opera House contains a number of venues:

  • Concert Hall (up to 2679 seats)
  • Joan Sutherland Theatre (up to 1507 seats)
  • Drama Theatre (up to 544 seats)
  • The Playhouse (up to 398 seats)
  • The Studio (up to 600 seats)


At least 3 Strand Galaxy lighting control systems were in use at the Opera House.

Links to information about equipment at Sydney Opera House over the years

  • Galaxy (Strand)
  • Documents

    Waagner Biro - Technical Installation (2017)
    [External Website]

    Refreshing an Icon: Joan Sutherland Theatre (March 2018)
    [3.5Mb PDF]
    From Lighting & Sound International

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