Next Generation Ride Systems


A number of hugely popular theme park rides go beyond existing technology, and break new ground. 

Enhanced Roller Coaster

A vehicle moves along a roller-coaster type track, at varying speeds under control of a motor, rather than using gravity. 

Disney World – EPCOT – Test Track

Opened in March 1999

The first half of the ride feels like a dark ride, with slow movement along a path, interacting with various obstacles. Once the ‘tests’ are completed, the ride takes on a new dimension as the vehicle accelerates to (close to) 65mph on a long outdoor track. 
The ride vehicle is running on a roller-coaster-type track (built by Dynamic Attractions) which has busbars to provide power to the vehicle and the motorised carriage that runs it along the track. In addition, the rear wheels of the car are motorised, and pneumatic braking systems are used on the vehicle as well. (MORE DETAIL COMING)

Disneyland – California Adventure – Radiator Springs Racers

Enhanced Motion Vehicle (EMV)


KUKA Robocoaster

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (2010)
Universal Studios Islands of Adventure (2010), Universal Studios Japan (2014), Universal Studios Hollywood (2016), Universal Studios Beijing (2021)