Haunted Mansion

  • Disneyland – The Haunted Mansion (1969)
  • Disney World – The Haunted Mansion (1971)
  • Tokyo Disneyland – The Haunted Mansion (1983)
  • Disneyland Paris – Phantom Manor (1992)

Ride System

Guests take an elevator (disguised as a stretching room) down into the bowels of the Haunted Mansion, and after passing a gallery, they take a seat in a ‘Omnimover’ which travels around the attraction on a track, hidden from view. Unlike earlier ghost trains, the Omnimovers run on a continuous track. Due to the darkness, and very careful design of the ride vehicles, guests aren’t aware of each other. 

  • OmniMover – Patented by Disney and first used on the Haunted Mansion
    Links: 1968 Patent

The OmniMover cars in the Haunted Mansion are popularly known as Doombuggies. The ride system was built by Arrow Development. 

Show Building

The actual ride takes place in a warehouse-type building just outside the edge of the theme park. The elevator enables guests to travel to a level where they can go under the railroad tracks that form the boundary of the Magic Kingdom. When they’re walking through the gallery of transforming portraits, they’re actually walking under the tracks into the show building.