Essential Skills

Every crew member should know the following: 

How to Sweep a Stage

Anthony shows you how to use a push broom

For wide stages, instead of sweeping to one side of the stage, you can sweep from the wings into the center line of the stage. 

How to Coil a Cable

We recommend you use velcro (hook & loop) cable straps to attach to each cable.

How to Tape a Cable down

  1. Make sure the position of the item that is fed / controlled by the cable is in the correct position for the show.
  2. Ensure the cable is not directly crossing a walkway, unless this is unavoidable. A cable should never cross a doorway, and should be routed up and over the door. 
  3. Make sure the cable run is straight and tidy. 
  4. Use short pieces of gaffer tape at regular intervals (e.g. every foot / 30cm) to hold the cable in position. 
  5. Use a single piece of gaffer tape along the full length of the cable. 

At the end of the show, do not pull on the cable to lift it up! You must remove the tape first, or the tape will wrap itself around the cable making it difficult to remove / clean. Take all remnants of tape off the cable before storing it. 

**If the cable is going to be in position for a long time (more than a week) consider buying a protective cable ramp, which will avoid having tape on the cable at all, as the tape degrades over time. A cable ramp must be used on outdoor events. 



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