Sound Design Paperwork


Examples of paperwork used by sound designers. 

Microphone Plot / Mic Plot

A chart showing who is using each radio microphone during each scene, and when swaps happen. 

Example Mic Plot: Theatrecrafts Microphone Plot

Sound System Schematic

A diagram showing the elements of the sound system, and how they’re connected. 

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Sound Cue List

A list, shown in the order in which they’re played, of the sound cues used during a performance. 

How this is laid out will depend on the type of show being prepared. A traditional piece of drama, where the cues are mainly spot effects, music cues between scenes etc, may look like the following:

Cue No.SoundAction / NotesTimingPage No.
1Preshow MusicPlay loop as audience are entering4 minute loop0
1AFade out preshowFade out as houselights fade7 second fade0
2Cityscape #1Very quiet, under scene 18 minutes, played twice1 - 4
3Crossfade into Crickets backgroundEnd of scene 1, crickets play through scene change1 minute 30 seconds4
4Car arrivesJust before Clive enters12 secs7
5Fade out cricketsWith lighting blackout5 seconds9

Sound Desk Preset

A sheet representing each control on the sound desk, enabling the settings / connections on an analogue sound desk to be noted down, meaning the desk can be reset at the start of each show .
NB: Digital mixing desk presets can be saved instantly, so no preset sheet is required. 

Example preset sheet: behringer_xenyx_x2442_usb_preset

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