Model Making


Even in the days of 3D visualisation and virtual reality, many set designers still make physical model boxes and hugely detailed set models. The ability for all members of the production team to get hands-on, to help them plan their work on the show, is very valuable; stage management can rehearse scene changes and can check how various parts of the set can fit together, the director and actors can look at blocking, the scenic painters can check details of the paint job, all without needing to understand software systems. The lighting designer can also hold up gels and small lanterns to see how the set reacts to colour. 

Foam Board (also known as Foamcore)


  • Craft knife (known as an ‘X-Acto’ knife)
  • UHU glue for foam board
  • Plaster Bandage
  • Sculptamold

Using Plaster of Paris

What is it? 

Any risks? 

Using Sculptamold

What is it? 

Any risks? 



Water: Use toilet paper and glue