Projection Mapping

This relatively new artform involves creating a 3d model of an existing architectural building, and using software, mapping a animation sequence to it in such a way that the building itself seems to come to life.

Projection Mapping is used around the world for large-scale events, celebrations, anniversaries or launches.

Video Matters: MadMapper (February 2018)
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From Lighting & Sound International

Lumiere London (April 2016)
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From Lighting & Sound International


  • Brussels Airport
    Written and directed by Filip Sterckx
    3D Modeling and animation: Filip Sterckx, Antoon Verbeeck, Birgit Sterckx
    Client: Toerisme Vlaanderen

  • Projects made using the Hippotizer media server (on the TMB website)
  • The video below is from the 555th Anniversary of Bucharest in September 2014. The building is the Palace of Parliament, and five teams of artists (from France, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Romania) each contributed a 5 minute 55 second segment, making 23 minutes in total.
    Art Directors: László Czigány and András Sass Invited Artist: Benedek Pozsgay Music: Ivan Torrent (Architects of Life, One of Us) Project Manager: Tamás Vaspöri.
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  • The video below is from the New Year celebrations in the city of Sugarland, Texas, USA. LD Systems provided sound, lights, video and staging for the 25th anniversary of the city.
    The equipment included a grandMA lighting console, Barco HD projectors, Hippotizer HD media server and mapping system, and EV X-Line concert speakers.
    Artists were Alan Demafiles, Sato Wood and Jack Hattingh of TVP (Texas Video & Post).
    TVP produced the content headed by Jack Hattingh and the LD Systems team was headed by A.J. Freysteinson.

Seville 2014

600th Anniversary of the Astronomical Clock in Prague

Dynamic Projection Mapping

Is it possible to projection map onto a moving object?