Lighting Team


Lighting – Show

  • Lighting Designer
    Member of the production team for a show who is responsible for the overall look of the lighting. He or she may have an Assistant Lighting Designer who concentrates on the necessary paperwork for the lighting design. The Lighting Designer (or LD) is responsible for liaising with the director about style and with the set and costume designers about colour and decides on the position, type, focus direction and colour of every lighting instrument in the rig. She/he draws a lighting plan to communicate this to other members of his team (and to the theatre staff who are rigging the lighting). During a lighting plot, the lighting states are built.
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  • Associate Lighting Designer / Assistant Lighting Designer (known in France as “un responsable lumieres”)
    Works alongside the lighting designer, helping with organisation, logistics, paperwork and planning.

  • Production Electrician

  • Board Operator (aka LX Operator)
    Responsible for operating the lighting board during the show. Cues are called by the DSM on the Book, and the board op presses GO or carries out whatever activity is required for that cue. The board op is also responsible for knowing the show well enough to realise when something is wrong (e.g. a lamp blows or a lantern is knocked / kicked out of alignment) so that she/he can add other lanterns (or remove a faulty lantern) from future cues.

  • Followspot Operator
    Operates a followspot (a moveable profile spotlight used to highlight performers in some types of performance).
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  • Moving Light Programmer

  • Moving Light Maintenance Crew

  • Rigger

Lighting – Theatre / Venue

  • Chief Electrician

  • Deputy Chief Electrician