Electrical Practicals

Domestic light fittings can be used as part of stage lighting systems, as long as they are fitted with the correct dimmable lamp. 
The best lamps for this application are halogen or (much) older type tungsten filament lamps.
Do not try to dim LED lamps unless you are 100% certain they can be dimmed, and never try to dim compact-fluorescent lamps. 

If you don’t need to control the lamp via the stage lighting system, obviously any lamp can be used. It can be turned on/off by actors on stage, or can be switched on/off by a crew member at the side of the stage, at the supply socket. 

Free-standing Lamps

Wall Lamps

Hanging Lamps

UK: A pendant lamp be be connected to a 15A or 16A plug, which can be run into a dimmer outlet above the stage. Depending on local rules you may need an electrician to help with this. 
Ensure lamps are screwed in or securely seated in the lamp holder adequately each show. 

Low Wattage

A low-wattage lamp (less than 100W) may cause the dimmer output the flicker, as it is not designed to work with low wattage lamps. If this is the case, use a higher wattage lantern next to the dimmer / pointing offstage as a ‘load’ lamp plugged into the same dimmer as the practical lamp. This will ‘load up’ the dimmer, ensuring it can dim smoothly.