Sound Engineer / Sound Operator


The role of sound engineer can vary widely between different kinds of performance. It is not the same role as a Sound Designer, who is responsible for creating audio content. The Sound Engineer is responsible for making the event sound good for all members of the audience.

Live Performance (e.g. concert, musical)


The sound engineer will work with the musical director or band to identify which elements will need sound reinforcement.

Equipment available at each venue will vary widely, depending on the scale of the venue, and the kind of shows it produces. Some venues will have a full PA system but one which is only suitable for vocal reinforcement of conferences, while others may have nothing. The inventory of each venue should be checked, and then a hire order can be prepared for the run of shows. There may be some negotiating before the hire company is able to provide the equipment you need for the budget you have available.

During the run

A Sound Check should be carried out daily to ensure that everything is working correctly before the performance.

Drama Performance


During the run