Glossary of Technical Terms – Fight Direction

Fight Direction

Short for British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat.
(From their website:  The British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat was founded in 1993 with the aim of improving the standards of safety, quality and training of stage combat and promoting a unified code of practice for the training, teaching and assessing of stage combat within the United Kingdom.)

A warm-up and rehearsal of fight choreography held before each performance.

Responsible for choreographing any fight sequences during a show (whether they involve weapons or not), and for ensuring the safety of actors involved in the sequence, and anyone on stage at the same time. 

1) A fencing blade, rectangular in cross-section (the Épée has a triangular cross-section, with a groove running down the length of the blade, and is heavier).
2) A subsidiary character who emphasizes the traits of a main character.

(Stage Combat) The technique to create the sound of a hit when engaging in a stage fight scene where no hit took place. 

A type of sword used in fencing and stage combat with a slender and sharply pointed two-edged blade. 

The art of making a fight scene look and sound real, without hurting the actors, bystanders or the scenery!