Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms – Events

UK Regulations introduced in 2015 covering any construction project. Many live event construction projects (e.g. building set, raised stages etc) are covered by the regulations. 
UK Health and Safety Executive website

Refers to an standardized shipping container, used for intermodal freight transport (intermodal means across different modes of transport, from ship or rail to road).
The most common sizes are either 6m (20 feet) or 12m (40 feet) in length, and 2.6m (8 feet 6 inches) or 2.9m (9 feet 6 inches) in height.
They can be hired for very cheap weekly rates, but have high transport costs. They're invaluable for creating dry storage at events, and are also used in the film and events industry as the support skeleton for huge sets / structures.

IFB is monitoring and cueing system used in live events, television, filmmaking, video production, and radio broadcast for one-way communication from the director or assistant director to on-air talent or a remote location. It is also known as Interrupt for Broadcast. The foldback normally contains a feed of production audio, which can then be interrupted by the director microphone to give specific information or instructions.

Tall inclined platform for paperwork or to hold a microphone, behind which a speaker / presenter / preacher / poltician can stand and give a speech to a live audience or to camera. 

A method for screening off an area, creating a booth, or creating wings for a stage. Uses vertical scaffolding in a boom base (known as a tank trap) or telescopic lighting stands to support a system of horizontal scaffold tubes ('pipe'). Black curtains ('drapes') are attached to the pipe either using ties that are part of the drape, or by threading the pipe through a sleeve / pocket in the drape, or by using other fixings such as zip ties / cable ties through eyelets in the drape.

Abbreviation for Programme-Making and Special Events. Licence required in the UK to use radio mics, walkie talkes etc of certain types for TV/Film/Events production.
UK Ofcom Page

A narrow raised walkway running from an entrance to (sometimes) a small stage. 
The runway layout is used for fashion shows, with the audience sitting on either side of the runway, and at the end. 

(UK Health & Safety) Any structure built for an event, whether it's staging, seating or a marquee or similar outdoor structure. 
UK Health and Safety Executive website

A portable two way radio, usually equipped with rechargable batteries and a protective case, and sometimes with a headset for hands-free operation. 
Some walkie talkies require licensing, so check local regulations. 

IATSE Scheme that started in 1912 in the USA where a touring theatre or dance company would send their local labour requirements to the next venues on a tour, to ensure there were enough union crew available to staff the show. 
The scheme was originally based on yellow cards, but converted to an electronic system in 2013.
See also White Card. 
Yellow Card Forms on IATSE website