Dropping Effects


Drop Bag

A drop bag is used to release lightweight items onto the stage. 
It usually consists of a piece of cloth, fixed at one end to a piece of wood which is securely rigged on a flying bar. The other end of the piece of cloth has a piece of wood attached, along with half of a pin hinge, which mates with the other hinge which is screwed to the fixed piece. The two hinges are held together with a pin, which can be released with the sharp pull of a piece of suitable string, or can be held together by a solenoid mechanism, which releases when an electrical current is passed through it. 

Snow Bag

Can be used for shredded (flameproof) paper or artificial snow, but also works with confetti or artificial flower petals or leaf drops. 


Petal / Confetti Drop – Machine

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Confetti drop, petal drop, leaf drop