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Each of the various areas of technical theatre has an association dedicated to supporting practitioners of the craft. Most have student membership rates, and are excellent ways to learn about the craft and to meet like-minded folk. 





The TheatreCraft event was launched in 2003 and takes place annually in London in November.  
(Please note – the event is not directly linked to us here at, but we decided to spread the word about this great opportunity to find out more about working in the theatre industry). 

There are annual events – check the website for latest information and dates.

It’s free and is open to anyone aged 16-25.

Find out more about the event at

ABTT Theatre Show, London

The ABTT Show usually takes place in June each year, at Alexandra Palace in London

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PLASA (Professional Lighting and Sound Association)

Takes place at Olympia in London, in September each year.

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Takes place every four years at a different venue each year around the world, focussed on the discipline of lighting design for entertainment. 

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