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Drum Revolve – Olivier Theatre, National Theatre, London

Discussion between Richard Pilbrow and Richard Brett (of Theatre Projects) about the installation of the Drum Revolve at the Olivier Theatre, National Theatre

Drum Revolve in operation (time-lapse) during His Dark Materials

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Victorian Hydraulic Bridges at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Installed in the London venue second hand after the Vienna Opera House no longer had use for them, the bridges were still in situ until January 2019, and were protected by English Heritage. Any show that needed to remove them had to pay for their dismantling and reinstatement (and testing). The video below is from the final demonstration in January 2019, before they were removed.
More information about the Drury Lane Bridges: Hydraulic lifts at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane

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Handy Tips:
Turntable / Revolve: One of the most worthy turntable tips is not to mount the wheels on the turntable, but mount them upside down on the floor so that the turntable rides on them. That way debris can’t gather on them and bring the turntable to a sudden crunching halt. 🙂
(Thanks to Clive Mitchell)

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