• Apollo Victoria Theatre, London (September 27 2006 – present) currently booking to 25 November 2023
  • Gershwin Theatre, Broadway (30 October 2003 – present) 
  • Forthcoming: Wicked (2024) directed by Jon Shu, starring Cynthia Erivo, Ariana Grande, Jonathan Bailey, Michelle Yeoh, Jeff Goldblum, Marissa Bode, Ethan Slater. The movie will be released in two parts. 

Official website: http://www.wickedthemusical.co.uk/
Current Cast & Creative List

Music & Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
Book: Winnie Holzman
Author of Original Novel: Gregory Maguire
Directed by: Joe Mantello
Musical Staging: Wayne Cilento
Scenic Design: Eugene Lee, Susan Hilferty
Scenic Construction: Terry Murphy Scenery
Lighting Design: Kenneth Posner
Electronic Effect: Howard Eaton Lighting (The Wizard head)
Levitation Effect: Delstar Engineering
Sound Design: Tony Meola
Projection Design: Elaine J. McCarthy
Hair & Wig Design: Tom Watson
Make-Up Design: Joe Dulude II
Producers: Marc Platt, David Stone, Universal Stage Productions, Jon B. Platt, The Araca Group
UK Executive Producer: Michael McCabe

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LSI: Wicked (December 2006)
[14.65Mb PDF]
From Lighting & Sound International


  • Around 320 lighting cues
  • Around 120 scenic / automation cues
  • Around 20 fly cues (known as rail cues in the USA)

Scenic Automation on Wicked – from Stage Technologies website

This highly successful, long-running musical at the Apollo Theatre in London relates the spin-off story of the witches from L. Frank Baum’s children’s favourite, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Stage Technologies and Delstar Engineering were contracted to work automation wizardry for this immensely popular, magical musical.

With the story focussing on the tale of two witches, the performer flying needed to be nonpareil. Trusses and control were designed for all overhead tracking effects, including a flying bubble-making contraption and a dramatic levitation trick. Scenery is flown using counterweight-assist winches and also slides in from the wings on floor tracks, while automated lighting ladders are lifted up to let them pass. Sliding panels with turning cogs, a spinning throne and of course the yellow brick road, are other notable features of this highly automated show.

Performer lifts enable dramatic entrances and exits and a heavy, scenic bridge, controlled by two BigTow2-390 winches, is flown down just in front of the proscenium. The winches were built in situ in the venue’s organ loft due to their size.

  • Acrobat control desk
  • MaxisMX control system
  • 2 BigTow2-390 winches
  • 12 BigTow2-290 winches
  • 3 tracking trusses
  • 5 stage tracks
  • 2 performer stage lifts
  • Hydraulic performer levitation device
  • Showdeck

Additional notes:

  • The Wizard head is on a track travelling upstage / downstage centre, and is operated / puppeteered by a member of the crew, while the Wizard is speaking the lines. 
  • The blackboard is on another pair of tracks 
  • Benches are brought on using two curved tracks downstage.
  • Elphaba is lifted during ‘Defying Gravity’ on a hydraulic platform, which has a safety barrier built-in, which she locks into place as soon as she’s in position. If her costume gets trapped in the lock mechanism, the automation system will not allow the movement to take place, and she’ll be signalled to go to an alternate choreography which takes place at stage level. Lighting also has an alternate set of cues for this event. 

Sound Design


UK Official website: http://www.wickedthemusical.co.uk/
US Official website: http://www.wickedthemusical.com/

Video – Wicked Lighting Design

Design by Kenneth Posner


Wicked DSM Backstage in Sydney

Performer Flying – Defying Gravity


Scenic Design


The History of Wicked