Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

“The most expensive Broadway show ever”

Foxwoods Theatre – Previews began November 28 2010.
Previews were suspended for a month in March 2011 while the show was retooled and a new writer and director were appointed.
Officially Opened June 2011, closed January 4, 2014
This was the most preview performances (182 previews) in history, and held the box office record for Broadway sales in one week, taking $2.9million over nine performances. 
The production failed to make back it’s $75million cost, with investors reportedly losing $60million. See ‘A Monetary Autopsy of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

The highly technical huge-scale show was designed to fit into the venue, so wasn’t able to try-out anywhere else with the technical elements in place. No out of town tryout allowed the production concepts to be tested or bedded-in. 
The book ‘Song of Spider-Man’ by Glen Berger (who co-wrote the book for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark) is a fascinating read and goes into great detail on the production process – a must-read for anyone involved in theatre production. Berger also took part in a podcast with Wired magazine about the show and the book.

When it closed on Broadway, it was announced it would be transferring to Las Vegas. [November 2013 article in Forbes]
In July 2014, media announced it was not going to happen. [August 2014 article in Las Vegas Sun]
An arena tour in 2015/2016 was announced at that point, but that never happened either.

Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark – Las Vegas announcement, 2014 (from the Broadway show website)


Song of Spider-Man
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LSI: Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark (October 2011)
[2.81Mb PDF]
From Lighting & Sound International

Playbill - Actor Daniel Curry Speaks Out After Injury (February 2014)
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Playbill - Katrina Lenk Two Show Day Photos (June 2019)
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Music & Lyrics: Bono and The Edge from U2
Arrangements & Orchestrations: David Campbell
Book: Julie Taymor & Glen Berger
Writer: Robert Aguirre-Sacasa (from March 2011)
Based on the Spider-Man comics created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, published by Marvel Comics
Director: Julie Taymor
Creative Consultant: Philip William McKinley (appointed in March 2011 when Julie Taymor left the production)
Choreographer: Daniel Ezralow
Additional Choreography: Chase Brock (from March 2011)
Scenic Design: George Tsypin
Lighting Design: Donald Holder
Costume Design: Eiko Ishioka

Stage Management Team

There were 7 Stage Managers on the show. 
1) Showcaller – Lighting
2) Showcaller – 
3) Stage Left Track
4) Stage Right Track
5) Substage Track
6) Flies (above the stage)
7) Office – Scheduling & Co-ordination

Backstage at Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark




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CBS News ’60 Minutes’ – November 28, 2010

Video – Lighting Design – Don Holder

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