Soldaat van Oranje – De Musical / Soldier of Orange

Epic musical production built inside a hangar on the disused Valkenburg airfield near Leiden in the Netherlands.

The entire 1103-seat auditorium rotates to face a total of nine totally different sets / environments, including facing a huge water tank & projection screen.

Netherlands Production:
Opened on 30th October 2010. Booking until October 2020.

Director: Theu Boermans
Producer: Fred Boot, Robin de Levita
Script: Edwin de Vries
Music: Tom Harriman
Lyrics: Pamela Phillips Oland
Sets: Bernhard Hammer
Choreography: Sarah Miles
Lighting Design: Gerhard Fischer
Sound Design: Jeroen ten Brinke
Projection Design: Peter Wilms
Costume Design: Catherine Cuykens, Margriet Procee

London Production:
Due to open at the Royal Docks, London in autumn 2020. 
The production was paused due to the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, amid news the newly-constructed venue, the Royal Docks Theatre, might be needed for the NHS to use as a hospital overflow. 

English Scriptwriter: Jeremy Brock


Soldier of Orange UK postponed (April 2020)
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London Production