Mystere – Cirque du Soleil

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Premiere: December 25, 1993
The show was the first in Las Vegas to move away from the traditional showgirls / magic / crooner hotel entertainments, and is performed in a custom-built theatre at the Treasure Island Hotel.


Las Vegas – Treasure Island – Mystere Theatre Renovation 2012

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The auditorium and stage was built specifically for the show, in the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino.
The venue was designed by Michel Crête and Montreal-based team Scéno Plus
Seating capacity: 1,541
Stage: 120 feet by 70 feet deep (approximately 10,032 square feet).
The stage floor is made of a layer of Base Mat, which is rubber made from recycled old tires and sneakers. This helps give the stage some bounce for tumbling. This is held together by polyurethane adhesive and covered with thousands of gallons of liquid that dries onto the surface. The Downstage D Lift is 36 feet in diameter and includes a 28-foot revolving stage. The revolving stage rotates up to 10 revolutions per minute. Props, equipment, and performers are elevated to stage level from the basement or trap by four moving lifts. These moving lifts were constructed in Montreal and then assembled in Las Vegas, NV.


LSI: Mystere (1996)
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