Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds Live

Live Concert version of Jeff Wayne’s 1978 rock musical based on the H.G.Wells story. Touring since 2006, the show appeared at London’s Dominion Theatre in 2016. 
The same venue played host to Time (1986-1988) which featured a ‘hologram’ of Laurence Olivier (a 3-dimensional blank head onto which a film of Sir Laurence was projected). The arena version of the show featured a CGI approximation of Richard Burton, projected in a similar way. 

Composer / Arranger / Conductor / Producer: Jeff Wayne
Lighting Designer (2018): Tim Routledge
Director (2016): Bob Tomson

Official show website:

The new 2018 version of the show features the following:

  • The iconic 3-tonne, 35-foot tall Martian Fighting Machine firing real flame Heat Rays at the audience.
  • A 100-foot wide ‘Animation Wall’ with 2 hours of cutting edge CGI.
  • A ground-breaking levitation effect.
  • The incineration of a cast member in full view of the audience.
  • Leaf drops over the audience.
  • ‘Hologram’ of Liam Neeson