Broadway: Richard Rodgers Theatre (from August 2015)
Official website: http://www.hamiltonbroadway.com

Chicago: The PrivateBank Theatre (from September 27, 2016) 
Official website: http://www.hamiltonbroadway.com/chicago.php

San Francisco (touring production from March 2017)

London: Victoria Palace Theatre
Opened: November 2017
Paused due to Coronavirus between March 2020 and August 2021
Reopens 19 August 2021 
Official website: http://www.hamiltonthemusical.co.uk

Book, Music & Lyrics: Lin-Manuel Miranda
Author of the book ‘Alexander Hamilton’: Ron Chernow
Director: Thomas Kail
Associate Director: Patrick Vassel
Producers: Jeffrey Seller, Sander Jacobs, Jill Furman, The Public Theater
Scenic Design: David Korins
Costume Design: Paul Tazewell
Lighting Design: Howell Binkley
Sound Design: Nevin Sternberg
Choreographer: Andy Blankenbuehler
Associate Choreographer: Stephanie Klemons
Musical Director / Orchestrations / Co-Arranger: Alex Lacamoire
Music Co-ordinator: Michael Keller & Michael Aarons
Company Manager: Brig Berney
Production Stage Manager: Amber White
Stage Manager: Scott Rowen
Assistant Stage Manager: Deanna Weiner
Hair & Wig Design: Charles G. LaPointe
Production Supervisor: J. Philip Bassett
Technical Supervision: Hudson Theatrical Associates


How Hamilton Found Its Groove (July 2015)
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Birth of a Nation - Colonial Lighting (October 2015)
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Unusual breathes new least of life into flying system at the Victoria Palace Theatre for smash hit Hamilton (April 2018)
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LSI: Hamilton (December 2018)
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From Lighting & Sound International

Photo Gallery

Some photos from Broadway.com

Preview Clips

CBS News:

Opening Night on Broadway


There are around 850 light cues during the show. Lighting is operated from a small booth at the rear of the auditorium. The Broadway production at the Richard Rodgers Theatre has a tiny amount of space for the operator, so the light board (EOS Ti, in 2021) is mounted vertically above the stage window, with a remote Go button on the desk, along with monitors around the window (see photo below).

Lighting Kit List (Broadway, 2015)

List from Live Design article

  • 1 ETC Eos Console
  • 3 ETC 96 X 2.4kw Touring Dimmer Rack
  • 16 Doug Fleenor 5-Way Opto-Splitter  
  • 10 Pathport Via12 Ethernet Switch
  • 2 City Theatrical 8-way DMX A/B Switch
  • 2 City Theatrical SHoW DMX Neo Transmitter
  • 4 City Theatrical SHoW DMX Neo Receiver
  • 6 City Theatrical SHoW DMX Neo D3 Dimmer
  • 6 City Theatrical SHoW DMX Neo D4 Dimmer
  • 35 Harman Martin Viper Performance 1200W
  • 7 Philips Vari-Lite VL3500Q Wash FX   
  • 26 GLP Impression X4 XL
  • 7 ETC Source Four Revolution with Iris Module
  • 56 Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 TR
  • 5 Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlaze 48 TR4
  • 9 Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlaze 72 TR4
  • 12 Elation Professional ELAR 108 LED PAR  
  • 26 Pixel Range PixelPAR 90
  • 27 ETC Source Four 14º
  • 78 ETC Source Four 19º
  • 140 ETC Source Four 26º 
  • 58 ETC Source Four 36º 
  • 34 ETC Source Four 50º 
  • 22 ETC Source Four 70º 
  • 44 ETC Source Four PAR VNSP
  • 52 Altman Lighting Par 64 VNSP, 1000W
  • 13 MR-16 Birdie VNSP
  • 6 MR-16 Birdie WFL
  • 13 GAM Stickup
  • 8 Altman Lighting Mini-10 1kW Worklight
  • 10 Altman Lighting Mini-10 300W Worklight
  • 3 Lycian 1290 Followspot 
  • 3 MDG Hazer Atmosphere with DMX Control and CO2 Regulator
  • 26 City Theatrical Concentric Rings For GLP X4 XL 
  • 6 City Theatrical Safer Side Arms

Lighting Design Webcast with Howell Binkley

How to Act With – Not Against – Your Lighting Design – interview with Howell Binkley

The ETC Hamilton Programming Project

Sound / Music

The show uses 28 radio microphones, including one built into the crown for King George III. (Broadway, 2018)

Live Design: Birth of a Nation: Vocal Clarity (October 12 2015)

Live Design: Hamilton Sound Webcast (July 26 2017)

Dolby Institute Podcast – The Sound of Hamilton

Custom Microphones

Sound Designer – Nevin Steinberg

Signal to Noise: Hamilton on Tour (June 24 2020)

Set Design

An Illustrated Guide to the Hamilton Set (Washington Post) 

Live Design: Birth of a Nation – A Revolutionary Stage (October 2 2015)

Set Designer David Korins – TED Talk


Costume Design

LA Times: Hamilton Costume Designer on how he streamlined 18th Century looks for a 21st Century show (June 11 2016)

Fashionista: Paul Tazewell Tracks His Career from Midwestern Theater Student to Costume Designer for ‘Hamilton’ and ‘Harriet’ (October 31 2019)

Playbill: Costume Design sketches & inspiration 

Live Design: Birth of a Nation: Dressing the Founding Fathers (October 19 2015)

ABC News – Get a peek at the costumes that bring ‘Hamilton’ to life (September 19 2019)

Stage Management

Playbill – Shepherding the Show – A Day in the Life of Hamilton’s Stage Manager (May 17 2020)


A Tale of Two Bags – Jay Duckworth (May 29 2018)

Creating Custom Candle Holders for Hamilton – Jay Duckworth (July 21 2015)

Perfecting the ‘Burn’: Props Master Jay Duckworth on Styling the Iconic ‘Hamilton’ Song (June 25 2018)

Wigs and Make-Up