Gone with the Wind

Theatre Royal Drury Lane
May 3 1972 – April 7 1973 (398 performances)
Music and Lyrics by Harold Rome
Book by Horton Foote (English version) based on the classic novel by Margaret Mitchell
Directed and Choreographed by Joe Layton
Sets designed by David Hays and Tim Goodchild
Lighting by Richard Pilbrow
Costumes designed by Patton Campbell
Produced by Harold Fielding

Featured a live horse on stage (which defecated on press night). 
The modular set formed into a circular platform, which used the upstage electric stage lifts at Drury Lane to tilt it towards the audience (to form a raked stage). 

The New London Theatre
22 April 2008 – 14 June 2008 (originally booking to 27 September 2008)
£4.75million cost
Music & Lyrics by Margaret Martin
Directed by Trevor Nunn
Designed by John Napier

£4m Stage Spectacular Has Gone With The Wind – The Guardian (1 June 2008)


Gone with the Wind - Richard Pilbrow
Gone with the Wind - Richard Pilbrow (March 1972)
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From David W. Kidd Collection