Glamorous Night

May 1935 – December 1935 Theatre Royal Drury Lane 

Devised, Written and Composed by Ivor Novello
Lyrics by Christopher Hassall
Decor by Oliver Messel
Produced by Leontine Sagan
Starring Mary Ellis and Ivor Novello
Also featuring Lyn Harding, Elizabeth Welch, Trefor Jones, Minnie Rayner, Clifford Heatherley and Barry Jones. 

23 July 1935: The King, Queen, Duke & Duchess of Kent and Princess Alice attended a performance. 

Posted in Facebook Group Archiving Technical Theatre History by Keith Otmos:
“Glamorous Night” Ivor Novello musical, Theatre Royal Drury lane 1935. ‘The second act introduced the spectacular shipwreck of the cruise liner Silver Star. Under the direction of the stage manager, the structure of the three decks, complete with practical promenades and companionways, was built on one of the down-stage platforms. The wreck commenced with several explosions, smoke pouring across the stage, as the passengers began to panic; then the whole ship lurched to one side and began to sink inexorably into the ocean. The curtain fell and rose again on a scene of total chaos; the audience, shattered and delighted, needed the interval to recover!

Glamorous Night at Theatre Royal Drury Lane