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The British rock band Genesis collaborated with ShowCo, as they formed Vari*Lite and produced the first colour-changing moving lights. 
More about Vari*Lite including links to their range of products. 

Abacab (September 1981 – December 1981)

The first live concert tour to use moving lights, made by Vari*Lite.
The tour opened in Barcelona on 25 September 1981.

It’s believed that a single line of VL-1s were used on a single line over the downstage edge of the stage. 

Venue details and dates about the rest of the tour can be viewed on the Wikipedia page.

Three Sides Live Tour (October – December 1982)

Video below shows the rig for the tour was composed of a number of standard PAR units, but a number of colour-changing VL-1s are in evidence. This video was shot at the NEC, Birmingham, UK on 20/21 September 1982. 
There appear to be between 25 – 30 Vari*Lite units in the rig (but there may be many more not visible in the video)

Tour Dates on Wikipedia 

Mama Tour (1983 / 1984)

Lighting rig consisted solely of over 180 Vari*Lites for the first time. 
Tour Dates on Wikipedia

Invisible Touch Tour (September 17 1986 – July 4 1987)

Lighting rig entirely composed of Vari*Lites. 
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