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Originally scheduled in 2020, previews were due to begin on 2nd April 2021, but due to the closure of theatres due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the opening date was amended to  27 August 2021. 
On 23rd January 2024, it was announced that the show would close on 8 September 2024. 

Broadway version (February 22 2018)

Pre-Broadway Opening: Denver (14 September 2017)
Broadway: St James Theatre (previews from February 22 2018, closed on March 11 2020, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The permanent closure was announced in May 2020, after the enforced closure of all Broadway venues in March).

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Broadway musical based on the massive hit animated movie released in 2013.
Produced by Disney Theatrical Productions.

Music & Lyrics: Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez
Book: Jennifer Lee
Director: Michael Grandage
Choreographer: Rob Ashford
Scenic & Costume Design: Christopher Oram
Lighting Design: Natasha Katz
Sound Design: Peter Hylenski
Video Design: Finn Ross
Puppet Design: MIchael Curry
Hair Design: David Brian Brown
Makeup Design: Anna Ford-Coates
Special Effects Design: Jeremy Chernick
Music Supervision & Arrangements: Stephen Oremus
Orchestrations: Dave Metzger
Production Stage Manager: Lisa Dawn Cave
Stage Manager: Charles Underhill
ASM: Kelly Stillwell, Matthew Kurtis Lutz


Projection technology is heavily used to bring the magical world to life.

Video wall: Upstage (weighs 8600 pounds (3900kg) and contains more than 7 million LEDs)

Projectors: 19 are used in the show – 6 over the stage and 13 covering the proscenium and stage from the front (mounted on the theatre ceiling, on the front of the balcony and on the box seats).

The musical first ran in Denver in September 2017, where the creative team and cast were able to get the show on its’ feet away from the pressure of a Broadway opening.

Pre-Broadway Photo Gallery

Frozen – Live At The Hyperion
Disneyland Version (May 27, 2016 – present)

An hour-long live version of the movie musical has been running at the Hyperion Theater at Disney’s California Adventure, in Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, California. The show replaces Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular, which ran for over 13 years and 14,000 performances (up to 4 shows a day)

Director: Liesl Tommy
Script Adaptor: Chad Beguelin
Choreography: Christopher Windom
Set Designer: Robert Brill
Lighting Designer: David Weiner
Video & Projection Design: Aaron Rhyne
Costume Designer: Clint Ramos
Puppet Designer: Michael Curry
Musical Supervisor / Arranger: Jason Michael Webb
Executive Creative Director: Dana Harrel
Technical Director: Mitch Atkins

From Live Design gallery, December 12, 2016 (

  • Aurora curtain (invoking the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights) covers the theatre walls with 45,000 square feet of custom-dyed fabric.
  • Seven pairs of doors on stage
  • Automated Turntable and Center track allow for fluid scene changes.
  • Ice staircase is automated as well on a separate revolving truck, which cantilevers it over the first few rows of audience
  • 36 jagged ice spikes emerge from the stage floor are independently pneumatically controlled, and made from polycarbonate. The stage area is scanned by lasers to prevent the effect from operating if anyone is in the wrong place on stage.
  • Ice chandelier consists of 60 ice shards and more than 500 points of light
  • Snow flurries and flakes are accomplished through projections or a soap-based mixture, via up to 8 snow machines. Liquid nitrogen and plumes of carbon dioxide are also used for specific effects.
  • Many of the scenic elements are battery-powered and wirelessly controlled. Kristoff’s sleigh sits atop a motion-based platform akin to a flight simulator; it appears to actually be going down a mountain. As Kristoff approaches the lair of his friends, a community of trolls, a rock appears in the scene and slowly traverses the stage.“That rock was surprisingly difficult to do,” Technical Director Mitch Atkins says. “It’s [based on] BB-8, the droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We had a relationship with Sphero, the company that developed and preprogrammed BB-8, but it took a fair amount of effort to do.”
  • 8 projectors are used in the show. Projection mapping is used on 8,000 square feet of scenic surfaces. Most of the projectors are Christie Boxers. The video servers, programming and playback are from d3 Technologies.
  • Large video wall at the rear of the stage opens up to allow entrances and set pieces to move onto the stage. The steel and aluminium structure is winch-driven. The LED video tiles are by WinVision.
  • The automation is controlled by Tait Navigator.
  • Lighting design had 211 new fixtures, including Vari*Lites and the Robe Lighting BMFL range. Twelve custom gobos are created for the moving lights, using designs from the film.
  • Cast Software’s BlackTrax is used to control automated followspots. The performers wear LED light sources, which infrared cameras around the theatre detect.

Disneyland Photo Gallery

Original Movie

Frozen – the original movie trailer. The movie was released in 2013

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