Canterbury Tales

Phoenix Theatre
21 March 1968 – 31 March 1973 (2080 performances)

Adapted from Chaucer by Nevill Coghill & Martin Starkie
Music by Richard Hill and John Hawkins
Lyrics by Nevill Coghill

Directed by Vlado Habunek
Produced & Co-Directed by Martin Starkie
Costumes by Loudon Sainthill
Settings by Derek Cousins
Lighting by Michael Northen
Choreography by David Drew

Production Manager: Wilfred Blunden
Production Assistant: Noriaki Matsumoto
Stage Manager: Irene Tofahrn
Deputy Stage Manager: Martin Aubrey
Assistant Stage Managers: Dian Smith, Bill Futter

starring Wilfred Brambell, Nicky Henson, Jessie Evans, Kenneth J. Warren, Gay Soper.

Poster from 1973: 

Scenic Design by Derek Cousins was nominated for a Tony Award in 1969

Scenery built by E.Babbage & Co Ltd.
Painted by Tod Kingman
Costumes by Parkers Costumiers Ltd.
Farm animals costumes and properties by Theatre Studios Ltd.
Headdresses by Madame Zora Bielitch
Masks and crowns by Sam Kirkpatrick
Tapestries and signs painted by Maurice Macdermott
Shoes by Gamba
Additional lighting equipment by Strand Electric
Wigs by Wig Creations Ltd.