Back to the Future: The Musical

Back to the Future: The Musical (2020)

Premiered at the Manchester Opera House (Originally due to run Thu 20 Feb – Sun 17 May 2020), the run was cut short by the Covid-19 pandemic on 16 March 2020.  

The show opened at the Adelphi Theatre in London’s West End on 20 August 2021. 
The original delayed run dates were previews from14 May, opening 6 June 2021 to 13 February 2022 but that was moved in mid-March.
Booking is currently open to February 2023.

Book / Co-Creator / Producer: Bob Gale
Co-Creator / Producer: Robert Zemeckis
Music & Lyrics: Alan Silvestri, Glen Ballard
Director: John Rando
Associate Director: Richard Fitch
Set & Costume Designer: Tim Hatley
Co-Lighting Designers: Hugh Vanstone, Tim Lutkin
Illusions Designer: Chris Fisher
Video Designer: Finn Ross
Sound Designer: Gareth Owen
Choreographer: Chris Bailey
Associate Choreographer: Darren Carnall
Orchestrations: Ethan Popp, Bryan Crook
Musical Supervisor: Nick Finlow
Musical Director: Jim Henson
Dance Arrangements: David Chase
Fight Director: Maurice Chan
Production Manager: Simon Marlow
Lead Producer: Colin Ingram
Producers: Donovan Mannato, Hunter Arnold, Gavin Kalin Productions, Frankel / Viertel / Baruch / Routh Group, Crush Music, CJ Enm, Teresa Tsai, Ricardo Marques, Ivy Herman / Hallee Adelman, Augury, Playing Field, 
Effects: The Twins FX

Photos from the 2021 Premiere production

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Unusual Rigging goes Back To The Future (March 2020)
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Lighting: A huge rig of moving lights and mostly LED sources are supplemented by tungsten front-of-house rig, along with some use of automated followspots for some of the Delorean sequences, where moving lights in the rig follow the lead performers (Marty and Doc). 

Projection: The production makes extensive use of video projection onto a gauze downstage, and a upstage LED video wall for backgrounds, which (very effectively) move in synchronisation with the revolve for scene changes. The final action sequence (where a lightning strike sends the Delorean Back to the Future) breathlessly makes some very imaginative staging.