Talks, Seminars and Interviews

Below are listed interviews, events and talks related to the Backstage Heritage Collection.
If you’re organising a talk that would be of interest to other Backstage Heritage folk, please let us know!


April 2018bhctalkoct2014
Lighting Designer – Anne Militello
A new series of podcast / interviews

Talks & Seminars

June 2018
Women in Production Management
Production Managers Forum, featuring Hannah Lobb, Sacha Kilroy, Jacqui Leigh.
Forum chaired by Sarah Rushton-Reed.
From the ABTT Theatre Show, June 6 2018.
screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-16-12-28September 2016
Inventing The Future: The Story of the National Theatre’s Lightboard by Rob Halliday
PLASA, 18 September 2016
November 2015
The White Heat of Revolution by Dorian Kelly
A talk at the Savoy Theatre, London
March 2015bhctalksmar2015
A Short(ish) History of Computers In Lighting Control by Rob Halliday
A talk at the National Museum of Computing, Bletchley, Milton Keynes
October 2014bhctalkoct2014
PLASA Launch of the Backstage Heritage Collection
featuring ‘Re-discovering Lighting – Past, Present and Future’, a seminar presented by Neil Austin, Robert Bell, Rob Halliday, Jim Laws and chaired by Richard Pilbrow
April 1962
Outside Broadcasts
11 April 1962 – TV Meeting
October 1961
Television Lighting with SCRs – Fred Bentham & Len Leggett – Strand Demonstration of LC/SCR
25 October 1961 – TV Meeting
(Courtesy of Paul Middleton)
April 1961
Talk by Desmond Campbell about Alexandra Palace, recorded at the Strand Lecture Theatre
(Courtesy of Paul Middleton)
August 1960
Strand Electric Australia
Introduction by Denis Irving (D.C.I.)
Discussion at Sydney Television Society Meeting 18 August 1960
Discussion on Big Television Studios, at Strand Lecture Theatre
(Courtesy of Paul Middleton)
Fred Bentham – Demonstration of SCR desk with memory & discussion. Featuring B Bear, Len Leggett. Partial recording from reel-to-reel tape 3.75 ips
Planning Lighting the Stage – Recorded Lecture No.2 – Copy No.3 (incomplete) – Recording from reel-to-reel tape 3.75 ips
Unknown date
April 1946
Leonard George Applebee – The Evolution of Stage Lighting