Mike Cawte (1981)

See TABS October 1981

  • Trained as Industrial Designer at Central London School of Art & Design in London 1961/64.
  • Worked in various Industrial Design Consultancies on Projects involving the aesthetic and ergonomic design of products ranging from computers and electronic equipment to coffee grinders and kitchen scales. 
  • Joined Rank Strand in March 1977 as Staff Industrial Designer, working initially on the aesthetic and ergonomic aspects of products such as Duet, Micro 8 Mark II, Galaxy etc. with the Brentford R&D Team. 
  • Took responsibility for Luminaire Development in September 1979 and moved to Kirkcaldy to set up the new Luminaire R&D Team, whose major effort has been on the A to Z development programme. 

Design and Development (Tabs - 1981)