Born: 1 September 1862
Died: 29 February 1928

Swiss theorist of modern stage lighting and décor. In interpreting Wagner’s ideas in scenic designs for his operas, Appia rejected painted scenery for the three-dimensional set; he felt that shade was as necessary as light to link the actor to this setting in time and space. His use of light, through intensity, color, and mobility, to set the atmosphere and mood of a play created a new perspective in scene design and stage lighting. (from

Further reading: Adolphe Appia: Texts on Theatre by Richard Beacham (Routledge)

Trailer for ‘Adolphe Appia Visionary of Invisible’
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The Swiss scenographer Adolphe Appia (1862-1928) foresaw the deepest revolutions for today’s theatre. The film presents his work through a dynamic interaction of his stage designs and original choreographies.

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