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AR133 DI Box  (BSS
Combinator MDX8000  (Behringer  (1991)
Composer MDX2000  (Behringer  (1992)
DN370 Dual Graphic Equaliser  (Klark Teknik
DP226 Speaker Management  (XTA  (1997)
FBQ2496 Feedback Destroyer  (Behringer  (2017)
Intelli-Q  (Apex
Modular Cross-Over  (BSS
Omnidrive FDS366  (BSS
Speaker Management System
Omnidrive FDS388  (BSS
RE201 Space Echo  (Roland  (1974)
Analogue Tape Echo & Spring Reverb
Scamp  (ADR Audio Design & Recording
SIM  (Meyer Sound  (1986)
Source Independent Measurement
SoundWeb  (BSS
Integrated DSP system
SPX90  (Yamaha  (1985)
Digital Effects Processor
SPX900  (Yamaha
SPX990  (Yamaha
SUPER-X CX2300   (Behringer  (1996)
Analog crossover, but now as an affordable unit, Bestseller
Ultracurve DSP8000  (Behringer  (1996)
One of the first digital Equalizer including a feedback killer.
VariCurve  (BSS
VCS3  (EMS Electronic Music Studios (London) Ltd.  (1969)