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LX Rigging and Stands - 

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Barrel Clamp  (Strand
Barrel Trolleys  (Strand
Allows positioning along 48mm bars (film/tv studio use)
Cast Base Telescopic Stand  (Strand
Ceiling / Base Plate  (Strand
Ceiling Saddle  (Strand
Hook-Type Clamp  (Strand
Internally Wired Barrels  (Strand
L Clamp  (Strand
LightRig  (Strand
Lightscope  (Strand
Spring Balanced Telescope
Lodestar  (CM / Columbus McKinnon  (1955 - )
Orchestra Stand  (Strand
Pantograph  (Strand
Rails and Pantograph  (De Sisti
Stage Engineering  (Hall and Dixon Ltd (Halls)
SuperRig  (Strand
Suspensions for Battens  (Strand
Swivel Bracket  (Strand
Telescopic Stand  (Strand
Telescopic Tripod  (ADB
Telrad Sight  (Telrad Inc.
Vortek NXT  (Electronic Theatre Controls / ETC
Motorised hoist
Wall Bracket  (Strand