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Colour Call Scrollers  (1992)

Strand Colour Call Scroller's reliability has been established in the testing conditions of professional shows around the world and meeting requirements of quiet operation in low noise environments. Colour Call can be used in conjunction with Strand spotlights, operated from a digital control system and requires power supply and splitter box. CC1 units are supplied with backplates to fit Cantata, Leko, Alto, Toccata and most parcans; CC2 units have built-in cylindrical fan and 4 mounting brackets that will accommodate most studio Fresnels (2kW-5kW). A standard 11 frame gel string is available as an option for both sizes of Colour Call.

  • Independent colour scroller units for use with spotlights or PALS automated luminaires
  • Available in two sizes: CC1 for up to 2.5kW spotlights and CC2 for 2kW to 5kW studio Fresnels
  • Quiet operation with two speed fan selection for extended filter life or ultra quiet mode
  • Variable scroll length of colour filter, up to 16 frames
  • Universal digital DMX 512 control for connection to most lighting control desks
  • Simple removal of filter scrolls for interchange and replacement
  • Local control to send gel string to beginning or end frame to check filter scroll and for additional ease of replacement
  • Fast scroll speed of up to 11 frames in one second
  • Colour change immediately responds to fader position
  • Stepless slow fades up to 4 minutes possible with the PALS protocol
  • Compatible with GSX, LBX, Strand 430/530 consoles
  • Direct drive scroll position sensor avoiding need for scroll length detection on power up
  • Safe low voltage 24V dc operation
  • Rugged XLR 5 pin control connection system
  • Accessory holder for diffusion filter barndoor attachment
  • Can be used in self-contained autocycle mode (bounce chase and bounce chase with delay between frames) without the need for a control desk
  • Colour Call, CC1 supplied with two backplates for use with 6" and 8" Lekos, Cantatas, Alto, Toccata and most Parcans
  • Colour Call, CC2 provided with four adjustable brackets that can be accepted by most studio fresnels


Colour Call Pin Configuration
Colour Call Pin Configuration 
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Colour Call Service Manual (£5) Charged Item(January 1993)
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5.2.1 Colour Call Scrollers (October 1995)
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