Equipment Detail

Act 3  (1987 - 1994)

3 channel dimmer rack (3 x 20A dimmer)
The three 20 dimmers are housed in a rugged case and have individual circuit breaker protection.
Connections to the load are made through CEE17 32A socket outlets. Fader control may be by local or remote operation. Available in analogue or multiplex versions for compatibility with Strand desks.

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Act 3 Wiring Diagram
Act 3 Wiring Diagram (July 1987)
[727kb  JPEG]
From Strand Archive
Circuit Diagram - Act 3
Circuit Diagram - Act 3 (July 1987)
[947kb  JPEG]
From Strand Archive

24 Channel Demultiplexer manual (October 1990)
[1.9Mb PDF]
From Jim Laws Collection

Catalogue & Journal Entries for Act 3 in the Backstage Heritage Collection

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