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430  (1994 November)

Uses Genius Pro operating software. 30 submasters.
Genius operating system. 30 submasters. Intel 486 DX2 processor, replaced later by Pentium 75 processor. Up to 600 intensity channels, 400 scrollers and moving light attributes patched into 1536 DMX outputs. Originally to be named QDOS alpha, now named after its processor (486) and the number of submasters (30).

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2.6 Dynamic Shapes 
[929kb PDF]

Genius Pro and LightPalette Operators Manual v2.6 
For 300 and 500 series consoles
[3.6Mb PDF]
From Strand Archive

430 and 530 Control Desk Datasheet (November 1994)
[1.5Mb PDF]
From Strand Archive

6.5.4: 430 Datasheet (October 1995)
[383kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

6.6.2 Genius Plus Software Data Sheet (November 1995)
430, 530, 550 consoles
[264kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

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