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SP Series  (1966 - 1979)


20,30,40 channel 2-preset in table / wall-mount desk.
40,60,80 channel 3-preset in seated desk.

Two groups or both common to all presets originally by twin pushbutton, later 3-position toggle switch. Linear motion master faders with quadrant scale. 
Designed for use with JTM Thyristor dimmers. 
The last 3-preset version was built in 1976. The 2-preset version continued until 1979, when it was replaced by the AMC. 

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SP20 / SP30 Datasheet (September 1967)
2 preset
[645kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

SP40/60/80 Datasheet (December 1968)
3 preset
[658kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

SP40 Datasheet (July 1969)
2 preset
[665kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

LSI: Classic Gear - SP60 (November 2013)
[External Website]
From Lighting & Sound International

Exhibits in the Backstage Heritage Collection

SP/40 Control Desk  (1971)
From the former Northcott Studio Theatre, Exeter
From Backstage Heritage Collection

Catalogue & Journal Entries for SP Series in the Backstage Heritage Collection

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