Equipment Detail

LX  (1991)

12,18,24 channels, 2 preset. 
Manual or timed crossfade. Mimic LEDs and channel flash push and flash master. 
Designed for use with Act 6 (analogue) dimmer packs. 
Analogue (0 to -10V in UK/Europe or 0 to +10V in the USA) output.
18 channel version only available in Europe. 
No DMX512.


LX User Guide (May 1991)
[1.1Mb PDF]
From Strand Archive

88 048 10 LX Maintenance Manual (October 1991)
[1.7Mb PDF]
From Strand Archive

6.4.1 LX Datasheet (October 1995)
[335kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

LX datasheet (1998)
[69kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

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