Equipment Detail

JP Series  (1965 - 1975)

Strand Electric JP.20

20/40/60 channels
20 channel 2-preset desktop or wall mounting.
40 / 60 channel 3-preset in near-vertical wing.
All with rotary master dimmer per preset. Originally with twin shared quadrant scale faders in two or three rows, later twin flat scale faders.
For remote control of 20 x 2kW max JTM dimmer racks.
First in 1965, a 40 channel 3-preset desk for Studio, Cannon Hill, last was in 1975.
(Early date for transistors of JTM trigger card is explanation of Strand's 0 to -10V analogue interface).


JP20 Datasheet (March 1969)
2 preset desk
[545kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

JP40 / JP30 Datasheet (March 1969)
3 preset desk
[605kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

JP30/JP40 Datasheet (October 1970)
[978kb PDF]
From Strand Archive
Circuit Diagram - JP20 Control Desk Wiring
Circuit Diagram - JP20 Control Desk Wiring (July 1973)
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[2.3Mb  JPEG]
From Strand Archive

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