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Parblazer  (1977 - )


PAR 64
Initially for 120V lamps (two Parblazers must be used in series on a 240V supply).
Parblazer was introduced in March 1977 at a retail price of £27 + VAT = £30.37 (12.5% VAT). This equates to £183 in 2018 money. 
The Parblazer 2 was introduced in September 1978, once 240V lamps had become available.
The Parblazer 4 debuted in 1981. 


Parblazer Instruction Leaflet (May 1977)
[1.8Mb PDF]
From Strand Archive

Parblazer 2 Datasheet (September 1978)
[356kb PDF]
From Jim Laws Collection

Parblazer 4 Datasheet (November 1981)
[383kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

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