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Optique Range  (1992)

Optique 15/42

These two new profile spotlights incorporate completely new optical designs based on a condensor collection system to provide high quality projection covering beam angles of 8 degrees to 42 degrees from just two models.
The new collection system is coupled with high quality focusing optics to give clear crisp projection qualities with clean even white light. Ideal for applications where precise projection of shutter edge or gobo is called for.
Optique is easy yet flexible to use.

  • Clear "white" light 
  • Very smooth flat field 
  • Crisp focusing of shutters and gobos 
  • Just two models to cover 8° to 42°
  • 15/42 covering most applications
  • 8/17 for long throw use 
  • Rotatable gate assembly 
  • New standards of shutter movement with positive retention of set positions 
  • Rock solid tilt locking mechanism 
  • Access panels for lens cleaning 
  • Easy access for lamp changing 


Optique Datasheet (1992)
Condensor optics 1000W
[579kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

Optique Range Exploded Diagrams (March 1995)
[176kb PDF]

1.2.3 Optique Datasheet (November 1995)
Condensor optics 1200W
[276kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

Optique Datasheet (November 1998)
Condensor optics 1200W
[53kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

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