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Minim  (1981-1997)

(left to right) Minim 23, Minim F, Minim PC (mark 1)

300W Fresnel, PC, Profile display spotlights

Minim Spotlight (1980 - 1983) was a fresnel only. 

The Minim range was introduced in 1983 and consisted of a Fresnel, PC, and the Minim 23 profile spot. The Minim 23 was intended to be a direct replacement for the Patt.23, which was retired in 1983. The range was taken out of production in 1990, then the Minim F and PC were relaunched in 1991/92 with a new specification, excluding the Minim 23.
Colour filter size: 125mm square

Replacing the lamp:
The Minim uses an M38 300W lamp. Before changing the lamp be sure to unplug the lantern as there is no safety cut-out. The lamp is accessed via a removable panel on the top surface of the lantern, which is held in place by a single screw. Be sure to not touch the quartz envelope of the new lamp while inserting it.
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The Grand Symphony In Light (September 1981)
[1.2Mb PDF]
From Mervyn Gould Collection

Minim F Datasheet (April 1983)
[413kb PDF]
From Mervyn Gould Collection

Minim Spares (April 1983)
(For interest only - most spares no longer available)
[161kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

Minim 23 Exploded Diagram (March 1995)
[49kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

Minim F Exploded Diagram (March 1995)
[49kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

1.1.2 Minim Datasheet (November 1995)
Minim F and PC Datasheet
[243kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

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