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Iris Flood  (1978)

Iris 1 Cyc Flood

1000W/1250W Cyc Flood

1000W Class K/4, R7s
11,000 cd off axis
Depth 247mm, 7kg
(also available Iris 4 four-colour unit and Iris 2 - see datasheets below for more information)

Iris 1: 1250W (R7s, P2/12 linear halogen) cyc flood, assymetric distribution. 
Introduced for stage use 1978.

Iris 4: 4 x 1250W cyc floods in quadruple square assembly.
Introduced for stage use in 1980.


Iris Cyclorama Top Light System (September 1980)
Iris 1, Iris 2, Mini Iris, Iris 3
[2Mb PDF]
From Strand Archive

2.4.2 Iris Datasheet (October 1995)
625W, 1000W, 1250W
[285kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

Iris Datasheet (1998)
625W, 1000W, 1250W
[113kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

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