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Cantata  (1987 - ?)

UK: 1200W Range
USA: 1000W Range

UK information:
Up to 50% more light and new features for flexibility in operation.Cantata is the first range of luminaires to be designed for the new 1.2kW R.S.E.29 tungsten halogen lamp. By incorporating a larger diameter lens and a specially designed reflector, up to 50% increase in usable light has been achieved over previous 1kW spotlights.
This performance has been matched with improved operation features including a fully rotatable gate assembly, detachable lens tubes, simple to use peaky/flat field beam adjustment and an improved tilt clamp arrangement. The 2-position lamp base permits use of either the new 1.2kW lamp or the conventional 1kW lamp. A fine adjustment of lamp height is provided.
The plug and socket connection to luminaire is robust and safe in operation, but at once disconnects if lamp tray is opened.
Profiles accept an iris or gobo. Gate is 360° rotatable and lockable - shutter blades are smooth in operation.
Separate rear lamp housing, serving all three profiles, is easily detached from lens tube.

Lighting workshops with prototype Cantata profiles with Francis Reid and Alan Luxton of Strand at the Buxton Opera House led directly to the rotatable gate, when the shutters weren't able to do the job required. They weren't part of the original design.

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The Strandbook - page 38 (1990)
Cantata Profiles
From Jim Laws Collection

The Strandbook - page 39 (1990)
Cantata Spotlights
From Jim Laws Collection

Cantata Range Datasheet (1995)
Cantata Range 1200W
[277kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

Cantata Range Datasheet (1998)
Cantata Range 1200W
[478kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

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